Advantages of UV MDF Board

UV MDF board

China UV Coated a product that is similar to melamine board and mdf board. Both are made in China. The advantages of are its high gloss surface, anti-oxidant and anti-yellowing properties. UV a durable material, and the benefits of UV Coating are similar to those of melamine board. It is available at a lower price than melamine board.

High gloss UV ACRYLIC surface

High gloss UV ACRYLIC surface of UV-MDF board is made of pressed panel made of super-fine MDF and surrounded by two layers of high-gloss acrylic laminate. UV paint is very durable and does not release any harmful gases. In addition to being durable, UV paint is also easy to clean and scratch-resistant. UV paint has several advantages over varnish:


The study shows that the flexural MOR and MOE of UV MDF boards are increased by antioxidants, especially compared to the control samples. The parameters change cyclically during the course of 480 h of weathering. Four mechanisms are considered responsible for these changes. These mechanisms include:


The surface of UV high-end marble series MDF board is made from melamine paper imported from Europe. This makes the color of the MDF board look more realistic. Its design is unique, since the double-sided melamine paper is coated with UV paints on one side and the same color on the other side. Its UV paints prevent the boards from yellowing. The is available in a variety of colors, from pure white to metallic silver.

Scratch resistant

If you’re looking for a scratch-resistant MDF board, UV Coated MDF board might be the answer. It’s made of pre-laminated MDF boards, and has been coated with a glossy UV lacquer. This gives the board a glossy finish that makes colors pop and house decor look stunning. It’s also designed for heavy-duty use, so you can be sure that it won’t scratch easily or dent. The UV Coating also makes the board very hard, with low haze and excellent adhesion to base materials.


If you’re looking for a good woodworking surface to use for your projects, UV coated boards are the way to go. They feature a glossy finish and 9 layers of UV lacquer, making the colors pop and your house decor beautiful. These boards are designed for heavy-duty use and are resistant to scratches and weather change. They are also easy to work with and have an average daily output of around 2,000 sheets.